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About SAR Associates

​SAR Associates is a Project Management Systems and Services organization with unique expertise in Project Management software applications and implementation. SAR understands the ever-changing demands constantly being placed on organizations, their project managers and teams. SAR is focused on providing custom project management solutions that best meet the needs of today's fast-paced companies.

SAR is an expert Consulting Group with a wealth of experience gained by more than two decades of experience and partnership with project based organizations from different industries .

Our Vision:

“To help our customers achieve excellence in managing their Projects and optimize resource usage"

Building Primavera Focused Solutions

Thousands of businesses worldwide trust Oracle Primavera products to maximize their Project Management return on investment. Primavera's suite of software packages is geared towards guiding and assisting organizations with their Project Management tasks. SAR has successfully provided affordable and timely value-added PM solutions to a wide range of customers in diverse industries.

Integrating "Best in Breed" Systems

SAR is uniquely qualified to deliver a complete, integrated "Best of Breed" PM solution that will help improve productivity, control risk and better manage valuable corporate resources. Whether the project is large or small, SAR brings a combination of expertise, integrity and attention to detail to every job undertaken.

Using the Right Tools

Providing the right tools to the right people enables your staff to manage projects more effectively. Senior management can review project summary reports and make informed decisions about project trade-offs. Managers can control and direct multiple projects. Team leaders can assess resources needed for their projects and plan accordingly, while individuals can quickly report accomplishments, priorities and completion dates.

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