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"Best in Class" Solutions Approach

SAR consultants use a "Best in Class" approach when building a software solution to fit customers' requirements. As a proven software of choice for Project Planning and Execution, Oracle Primavera P6 software is usually one of the central pieces of a system, which require integration with other applications. We can help with analyzing system requirements, identifying process flow, data mapping, prototyping, reporting and testing.

Needs Analysis

A written plan of action

SAR's complete range of professional services are an integral part of any total Project Management solution. From orientation to hands on training and ongoing support, SAR offers a highly structured approach to implementing Project Management solutions. Each custom solution encompasses the best use of an organization's people, processes, information and technology. SAR's customized project implementation plan, which sets specific milestones with measurable results, is simply the best way to guarantee a project's success.


Annotated Process Diagrams

Based on a clear understanding of corporate goals and objectives, SAR Consultants work with your teams to define a coherent approach for implementing Project Management systems in your organization. Consistent with PMI standards, we work with proven methods in delivering the information needed. Process diagrams and flow charts, which highlight clearly illustrated processes and identify responsibilities, reporting and communication relationships, approval levels and other related items are a key deliverable at this stage.

Prototype Testing

Status Reports by Project

For the initial period, SAR Consultants "go live" with selected project teams to help manage actual corporate projects. This step identifies any issues in methodology, structure and information flow. It also provides a "real world" assessment of project teams and managers can uncover challenges unique to your organization.


In order to facilitate communication and understanding of project information at all levels, SAR Consultants help define data structures for the company's projects. This includes the development of coding schemes for activities, resources, work breakdown structures and building the corresponding dictionaries. The goal is to ensure consistency of data throughout the corporation.

Definitions and Dictionaries

Reporting Systems

Information Distribution

SAR Consultants will work with managers at both operational and supervisory levels to define information needs then help create meaningful report packages. These reports will clearly articulate the type and detail level of every schedule and distribution plan. These packages will also include recommendations on how reports should be used to manage work most effectively.

P6 software training and services for organizations and individuals in Toronto and GTA, Ontario, Canada and the USA.

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