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Primavera Consulting

System Implementation and Integration

SAR consultants are there to help every step of the way, to ensure the system is configured correctly to align with Your organization's needs and help Your stuff to use the best practices and achieve better productivity through training and understanding of the system.

Template development

Project Prototypes

Many projects may be similar in type and size. SAR Consultants can help create pro forma plans and schedules to serve as starting templates for project managers. These templates incorporate data structures, base plans, reports and graphics, including pro forma bar charts, logic diagrams and resource profiles.

Interfaces / Data



On-Site support
After initiation of the full implementation of new, Primavera-based Project Management practices, SAR Consultants provide on-site direction and support. This phase includes frequent meetings with project teams to answer questions and troubleshoot issues as they develop.

SAR designs and builds connections to fit any corporate information system based on industry standard compliant software. Our services include connecting to SQL databases and integrating Primavera software into other enterprise wide systems. We include appropriate managers at all levels in the process to increase understanding and support. If other tools have been used in an organization ie MS Project, MS Access, Excel etc. SAR staff will help conversions from existing project data to new environments.

Final Summary Report
At the conclusion of the implementation process, SAR provides a detailed report of findings and recommendations. The report identifies successful points and clearly highlights areas for continued training, coaching and supervision. Interviews and diagnostics help determine how well the organization is responding to changes and can identify key areas for close attention.

Coaching & Mentoring

On-going assistance
On a continuous basis, SAR Consultants provide coaching and mentoring to ensure that processes and procedures are understood and internalized for continuing effectiveness.

Application Support

On-site expertise
SAR Consultants provide continued support to all applications custom written for integration to ERP or Legacy systems, making available the resources needed to modify, create or maintain custom applications.

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